Our Environmental Responsibility

Light Tomorrow With Today

We only buy, recommend, and install energy saving light fixtures and bulbs. Today’s LED lighting fixtures use a fraction of the electricity that traditional incandescent bulbs do, while providing greater light output, longer lifespans, and much more variety. The upfront investment on these lights can be offset within just a couple years, meaning you can rest easy knowing you’re helping the planet.

There’s No Such Thing as “Away”

Every single thing we throw “away” ends up somewhere. Whether it’s in a landfill, on the side of the road, or floating in the ocean, all of our waste ends up in one place or another. At Econ Energy, we take steps to make sure we are responsibly recycling our materials. Every single light we replace, old tube we discard, and old wiring we strip is sent to an appropriate disposal centre, meaning it doesn’t end up back in the environment, and we’ll even provide you with a receipt as a guarantee.

Emerging Technologies

At Econ Energy, we actively take steps to support new technologies that help reduce emissions, and contribute to a clean environment. Our staff is certified to install electric vehicle chargers in both residential and commercial settings. We continue to look at smart home technologies that reduce energy wastage in your home and business, and promote renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.