Brighten Your Business

Our Services

New Buildings & Renovations

We provide start to finish electrical work for your company, whether you’re opening a new business, making renovations, or just looking for a makeover. Wiring, lighting retrofit and installation, heavy-load appliances.

You name it, we can help.

Energy Savings Consultations

Before we start any project, we like to sit down and understand the needs of our clients. Our experienced staff will suggest some of the best options to cut energy costs, while meeting your needs.

Going green really does pay off.

EV Charging Stations

The electric vehicle market is expanding exponentially, and will continue to do so for years to come. Having public EV charging station at your business will incentivize owners to come check out your business, while getting your company’s name on more people’s radars. Our team is experienced with both Residental and Commercian installations for Level 2 electric vehicle chargers, and our work will meet all regulations and safety requirements.